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A Free, Tactical, Hands-On Toolbox For Sales Teams With A Need For Speed

Everything you need to slash down long sales cycles, increase pipeline velocity, and get deals moving.


  • Google Sheet Templates to monitor Sales Cycles in scientific control charts like a pro.

  • A complete video course on how to analyze cycle times like a rocket scientist.

  • Playbooks and techniques from successful sales leaders to help unblock locked deals.

  • And tons of other battle-hardened and proven tools & methods to speed up your sales.

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Pipeline Velocity Toolbox / Extra: Customer Timeline Interviews

Timeline Interviews - An Introduction

  • You can test, and test and test, but if you want fast results: get off your butt and knock on doors.

  • People don't buy products they buy solutions.

  • It's almost never what you think it is.

  • Reconstruct like a detective the timeline, when and how the customer realized that they have a problem and that you have the solution.

  • it will feel like an easy chat, but it is a professional interrogation. And we will teach you how to do this.

Stages Of The Buyer Journey

The universal time line

The Crosswinds Of The Journey💨

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