Pipeline Velocity Toolbox

A Free, Tactical, Hands-On Toolbox For Sales Teams With A Need For Speed

Everything you need to slash down long sales cycles, increase pipeline velocity, and get deals moving.


  • Google Sheet Templates to monitor Sales Cycles in scientific control charts like a pro.

  • A complete video course on how to analyze cycle times like a rocket scientist.

  • Playbooks and techniques from successful sales leaders to help unblock locked deals.

  • And tons of other battle-hardened and proven tools & methods to speed up your sales.

Get all of the above completely free with no strings attached!

We only ask you for two things in return:

  • Please use this toolbox and give us feedback, so we can make it better, and

  • if you like it, please give us a review or a testimonial.

Sounds fair? - Then get your copy now:

Pipeline Velocity Toolbox / Bonus: Tactical Expert Playbook

The Sales Speed Playbook 📙

Sometimes a method is not enough.
Some times you need a magic trick, a hack, an expert play.
We've got you covered!

The Playbook

This PDF is loaded with just that - page after page, experts giving away their secret plays to speed up sales, unblock stalled deals and avoid slow pipeline all together.

The Experts

We are incredibly grateful for the support and help we received from the expert community in putting together this collection of wisdom. Our special thanks goes to

Work in Progress

We keep learning, we keep experimenting, we keep connecting with other great minds in the space. As we come across more great hack, plays and tricks we update this PDF. So keep coming back and checking for updated versions.

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