The JAXX story: Why we decided to eat our own dog food.


Meet the founder: Steven Morell

Your pain? I understand it, I get it - because I walked in your shoes and because I made it a habit to talk to others who share this pain. Methodically. On scale. I conducted well over 250 Interviews with Revenue Leaders over the past 18 months alone.

I am Steven Morell, a software developer, marketer, and recovering CRO.  I'm the founder and the guy behind the JAXX team - usually way behind. 

This is our Journey

January 2021

Project "Wesson" 
Steven starts testing the idea of a virtual assistant for Revenue Teams that has access to all the data in the Tech Stack and helps answer questions that the sales team has. The first series of research interviews around metrics and meeting habits are conducted, and a prototype is built.

June 2021

Project "Ryder"
Steven and a research group around him are conducting experiments and test to see if AI and Machine Learning would be able to optimize revenue processes and detect bottlenecks in pipelines.

November 2021

During the Revenue Architecture Course, Steven and Aaron Hill have a first conversation about the difficulties in extracting, matching, and visualizing the data of the entire Customer Lifetime Cycle (aka "The Bowtie Model")

March 2022

Steven launches "Project Jaxx" and starts conducting research interviews around Bowtie Metrics and Data Visualization. During one of the interviews, he meets Vinicius "Vini" Zarpellon who will later become the first employee of Jaxx.

April - May 2022

Steven leaves his role as the Chief Revenue Officer of a successful AI Startup and launches JAXX Technologies, Inc.
Only a couple of weeks later, he releases together with Vini, the Bowtie Simulator for Google Sheets, as a first MVP

July 2022

During a design sprint, Steven and his team draw up the first draft of the MetroMap.

Screenshot 2022-09-18 at 12.35.561660067571966 (1)


August 2022

The first version of the MetroMap sees the light of day in a public LinkedIn post and in a number of RevOps related Slack communities.


September 2022

Jaxx has onboarded the first 7 customers from their Early Adopter Program. Further 200+ companies are on their beta waitlist.