SPEAK Revenue - The Revops Therapy


RevOps: The What and The Why

RevOps is the new buzz word, but what does it mean and why bother to learn? JAXX can help here. Learn more about our fast, easy way to optimize your...

Ghost Hunting and the Economics of BS

The "Economics of BS" put us RevOps people in a position of disadvantage: It's easier to make up stuff than to dive into data and prove it wrong (or...

We are exploring uncharted territory - follow our journey

Maps have been around since the dawn of time. It's in our nature to draw a map and get orientation from it: Hiking Maps, Sea Maps, Satelite Maps there are a sheer endless way to explain a territory

But what about RevOps? Have you ever seen a Cohort Map? A CAC/LTV Map or a Conversion Rate Map? Come with us as we explore uncharted territory and map out Revenue Operations and Customer Journeys no one has seen before.