Why build it?
When you can buy it.

Stop reinventing the wheel. We cooked up a RevOps out of the box solution that allows you to have RevOps next week instead of next year. Gain clarity and align your whole team to increase your operational efficiency now.  


The world's best dashboard, is a map.

Seriously, who needs another dashboard? We believe that maps answer questions and give us orientation. That's why we are visualizing the whole customer journey in the form of a map.


Pull the data that matters to you.

We connect any of your tech stack within minutes. 
That way you see every metric you need, beautifully displayed in the customer journey.

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The full power of the Bowtie.

Forget about the funnel. The Bowtie is here to stay. Zoom out and see the whole customer journey with all of its conversion rates and volume metrics. Only by seeing the whole picture, you can spot where you need to improve to hit quota.



Running your What-If-Analysis in Spreadsheets is over. Insert your desired Conversion Rate improvement and see the improved ARR and benchmark comparison. 


Ready to map out your customer journey?