RevOps: The What and The Why

Dec 6, 2022

RevOps is the new buzz word, but what does it mean and why bother to learn? JAXX can help here. Learn more about our fast, easy way to optimize your Revenue team.

Every few years, somebody in the business world tosses around a new subject that promises to magically change the way we all work / share data / communicate / strategize / turn the entire process around. This happens in every field, as one can see from the streaming services boom over the last decade.

First, the subject idea is spread around by innovators as a potential new antidote for our constant problems without much evidence of use. Then, it becomes a niche tool championed by early adopters that find uses in their specific cases, but the mainstream market has yet to find out best cases to apply the new idea. Finally, those early adopters convince the early majority, and— well, you’ve seen this before.

Photo by Jurgen Appelo / CC BY 2.0

Somewhere in that early majority stage, the mainstream market is put to the test by wondering what they can actually do with this new subject. How does it work for them? Where is it useful? What the heck is it, anyway?

This is the current stage of RevOps. Secret’s out about the newly-popular method of tracking Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success status under the term "Revenue Operations."

That makes sense, though, doesn't it? Operations surrounding the Revenue team are incredibly straight-forward in terms of a definition, but the benefits of a RevOps team go so much further.

We at JAXX built a platform to enhance your team’s capabilities in action, and serve as an affordable RevOps platform to allow everyone to benefit from this approach, no matter their budgets.

But what is RevOps exactly? As They Might Be Giants once said, “everyone’s excited and confused.”

Gartner identifies RevOps as "the operating model for driving efficient, predictable revenue. RevOps is not a function but rather a way to better align the organization."

Any model built to drive efficient, predictable revenue is an excellent tool that you want running live in a company intending to forecast numbers correctly. But everybody knows that, right?

Well, Forbes highlights the fact that a company embracing revenue operations currently enjoys 19% faster growth and 15% more profits than a company that relies on the old ways. But like we mentioned, RevOps is a tool that is only as good as the team using it. What RevOps can do for your team is provide a solid look at your data.

Making sure you’re looking at the right details is key to any overall view of company operations. If you can determine team KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) then you’ll have a good sense of what data matters most in the picture. Without RevOps putting all of this under one banner, different departments may be focusing on different KPIs, different priorities might be in place, and a mixture of goals from one department to the next might lead to fractured goals.

Worst-case scenario, those goals could even be counter-productive. And we’ve all been there before– Sales pointing fingers at Marketing pointing fingers at Customer Success. Everybody believes they’re doing their jobs the right way, and all those other teams are messing things up. We’ve all seen this happen. That’s why we created JAXX.

Jaxx is a Revenue Management & Collaboration Platform that detects and removes bottlenecks along the customer journey, done by extracting all relevant data and mapping it out as your Revenue Map.

With complete data from your Revenue team pulled into one place, JAXX gives you a full overview of your customer journey– a map, so to speak, that your customer follows through the entire experience– and shows you where there are bottlenecks holding up their progress.

This may feel like a little bit of housekeeping to get your RevOps map into place, but JAXX can show you where you’re currently missing opportunity, and how to optimize everything on your Revenue team.

You want to keep the Revenue team running like a well-oiled machine.

JAXX can do that.