Ghost Hunting and the Economics of BS

May 22, 2022

The "Economics of BS" put us RevOps people in a position of disadvantage: It's easier to make up stuff than to dive into data and prove it wrong (or right). And that's the reason we are constantly "ghost hunting", sifting through RevOps data because someone heard a podcast or read a post on Linkedin...or saw a Ghost in the Data.

There are a lot of myths in business. Most of them are used as excuses for crappy performance. 

It’s time to tackle “ghost hunting” and the “economics of BS.”

Ghosthunting in Business

One Monday morning the boss in a manufacturing firm walks into the sales office and announces that he thinks that people with college degrees are more likely to buy their product. 

This sets off several days of research, hunting, and data mining to discover if it’s really true. 

After a few days and dozens of hours wasted, it turns out it’s not true. 

These “hunches” are the ghosts in the corporate machine. 

Imagine a restaurant owner saying to his managers, “I think people who use Visa spend 20% more than people who use American Express.”

The management team will dig through receipts, looking for head counts, and spending hours on some idiotic hunch that’s not based on any kind of fact. It’s just someone’s imagined ghost, a thought that passed through their mind. The problem is that if they're the boss, everyone has to take it seriously. And often, by the time the researchers get back to the person who said, the boss has forgotten what they said and have no idea why everyone was working on the idea in the first place.

These ghosts are found everywhere!

The Economics of BS

Sales - “Customers don’t want to deal with salespeople.”

Marketing - “Everyone is a potential customer.”

Management - “Leaders don’t make mistakes.”

C-Suite - “Sales and marketing can never get on the same page.”

The Factory Floor - “The C-suite people only work 8 hours a day.”

The problem is what we, at JAXX, call “the economics of BS.”

It’s easier to tell someone BS that sounds like fact than it is to research facts!

Here’s an example from the news a few years ago: “Hillary Cllinton and the Democrats are keeping children in the basement of a pizzeria in Washington, DC. They’re having sex with them and doing other evil stuff.”

Some idiot believed it and showed up at the pizzeria with a rifle to “liberate” the children from this basement of hell.

Not only weren’t there any children being held there, the place didn’t even have a basement!

Fake news is the “economics of BS.” It takes a few minutes to print a fictitious story and hours, days, or weeks to research a story to deliver facts and verify sources and information.

What does all of this have to do with JAXX and what we do? 

JAXX integrates all your sources of data, every sales, marketing, and customer relationship program you have. 

There’s no BS because there are no “dark corners.” There’s nowhere in your data the information can hide. 

Think that people who use Visa spend more? Press a button, do the search, and have the answers in seconds. 

If the boss thinks that people who have college degrees buy from the company, simply run the report. It will integrate the data from the sales program with the CRM to answer the question in seconds.

It’s easier to say something that’s BS or send a team ghosthunting than it is to research it and find out… until now. 

Take the BS out of your business. Exorcize the ghosts. 

Use data to drive your business and don’t waste time looking for connections that simply don’t exist.