Revenue Operations

Flat Rate Price.
Next Week - Not next Year.

Jaxx is a Revenue Management & Collaboration Platform that detects and removes bottlenecks along the customer journey, done by extracting all relevant data and mapping it out as your Revenue Map.


  Do you use any of these tools?

Does this sound familiar?

You are missing target

Your team hustles, but you're just not hitting numbers. Something feels wrong, but you can't quite place it.

You are feeling Scale Pain

You are beyond $2M in ARR, your Sales Team has more than 5 people... growth wasn't supposed to be so difficult.

Your reporting seems messy

Tons of reports and metrics, but what do they all mean?

You want to follow Bowtie Math

You want to follow the Recurring Revenue Operation Model from Winning by Design, but easier said than done.


Do you taste like chicken? 🐓

Robert Smith, the founder, and CEO of Vista Capital, once famously said:

"All successful software companies taste like chicken. Because 80% of what they do is the same."

If you are trying to be smarter than 25,000+ successful SaaS companies - if you try to taste like apple pie, not chicken - then you should build your own RevOps from the ground up. Godspeed.

But if you don't want to waste time and money reinventing the wheel, and if you are a fan of best practice and open standards - then JAXX is the right RevOps for you!

Then here's the perfect RevOps Solution for you.

JAXX is your RevOps Data Warehouse

Built from the ground up to support scientific, standardized Revenue Operations for Recurring Business Models.

100% compatible with the Bowtie Data and Math Models.

JAXX is RevOps in a Matter of Days, Not Months

Standardized Data Processing, science-based Data and Math Models, unified reporting.

Built for you right away, not later in the year.

JAXX is RevOps at Flat-Rate Pricing

An affordable, standardized RevOps Solution for SaaS Businesses.

No costly team hires necessary.


Your proven method for Revenue Growth.

None of this is a guessing game.

Jaxx has been built from the ground up with the Science of Revenue in mind, and is 100% compatible with the amazing research from Jacco van der Kooij and our friends at Winning by Design.

We are also a featured technology partner of Winning by Design.

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"Misalignment and lack of clarity is what kills startups."

Kate DiLeo
Startup Advisors, Brand Strategist, and #1 International Bestselling Author


Every journey needs a map


Without a map, we're lost on the journey. Jaxx analyzes your data, and displays every step of the way for you with a holistic map of the full customer journey, and gives your entire team the same view.

Let's put the map back into your roadmap.

RevOps next week, not next year

If you want to build an efficient "Growth Engine" you need good Data Engineering. In other words: You need Revenue Operations.

Build it or Buy it?

The decision is yours. (The consequences too.)

Building it starts with hiring a team, deciding on the right tool stack, and planning it out. Then you run countless sprints. Talk to stakeholders. This all, while you learn what it is that you are building.

Basically you are reinventing the wheel.

But you don't have to - JAXX offers RevOps out-of-the-box, based on proven data models for a fraction of the cost.


How to avoid the 5 most common mistakes Revenue Leaders make?

We have conducted over 400+ Research Interviews with Revenue Leaders of SaaS Businesses and built JAXX to help you to avoid the most frequent pitfalls:

  • JAXX is a Data Warehouse explicitly built for RevOps so that you don't have to waste time and money fiddling around with AWS, Snowflake, and other pricy and complex, non-purpose-built solutions. 
  • JAXX delivers RevOps out-of-the-box, so you don't have to hire a team of Data Analysts, buy a set of expensive tools, and built everything from the scratch. 
  • JAXX is RevOps based on scientifically backed Data and Math models so that you don't have to waste months arguing how to measure, what to measure and what it all means.
  • JAXX unifies Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success by providing a holistic view of the entire Customer Journey. No more blame game. All revenue-facing teams will have a common understanding of what to focus on.
  • JAXX allows you to implement Revenue Operations for a fraction of the price in a matter of days, which means you can start identifying bottlenecks in your Customer Journey now. Don't wait until your competitors start outgrowing you. Outgrow them!

What RevOps Experts say about us:

"JAXX helps Founders and strategic Revenue Leaders to visualize the efficiency of every revenue source and buying motion in one place. It demonstrates the financial impact of incremental improvements."

"As a Revenue Leader, I'd like to be able to accurately know what our conversion metrics are at every customer touchpoint. JAXX helps to more accurately report on those rates from initial contact to closed won/lost."

"JAXX tells you where to focus on improving your conversion rate performance and thus your overall revenue system. Valuable insights drive specific improvement tactics, which lead to better operational efficiency along the funnel."



Today: Book a call with us

Does your company taste like chicken?
Let's hop on a quick 20 min call and see if JAXX can be of value to you. We will quickly go over your tool stack and your revenue processes. Then, we can share what we learned from over 300 research interviews with other revenue leaders. Finally, we are happy to showcase what JAXX does, and how it can be applied for your business.

A few days later: Mapping Session

Next, we have a mapping session with you. Together we go over every single step in your customer journey and establish which tools are involved and where the data sits. At the end of this session, we have a blueprint and complete clarity of your Revenue Operations. 

Same Day: Let's set up your account.

In a sharing session, we make sure your JAXX account is set up properly. You will be able to invite your team members, and we will help you to connect all your tools to JAXX. 

5-12 Business Days: Data Engineering

Our Team of Revenue Data Engineers get to work, and set up Data Extraction, Transformation, Enrichment, and Processing.
And no worries, we know that all data is messy. We can work with imperfect data, and provide JAXX Data Quality Scores so that you can take action in improving yours.

The Revenue Map: Remove Bottlenecks

Once Data Engineering is completed, you receive the JAXX Revenue Map - A full overview of your customer journey with conversion rates along each step and the according benchmarks - You can immediately focus your team on the biggest issues.


Moving forward: Standardized Reporting 

You now have a RevOps Data Warehouse, where your data is automatically updated and processed daily. From here, we release further standardized RevOps Reports so that you can better understand your data - and make better decisions.



Become a Growth Chicken!

Join our Monthly Mastery Classes in our virtual GrowthChicken event space - where you get to meet other Revenue Leaders and learn from renowned RevOps Experts.

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